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High Speed High Performance Grade - Coloured Sky Blue - Rated up to speeds of 150 mph. Suitable for cars, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, touring caravans and trailers. Seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter, but in the event that the puncturing object has caused excessive tyre damage PunctureSafe will obstruct escaping air causing the tyre to deflate slow and controlled allowing the driver to remove the vehicle from a potentially dangerous location. Reduces costly downtime for fleet operators.



Cars - Peace of mind for you and your passengers


Puncturesafe UK Carweb imageAnyone who has had a high speed blow-out, knows what a dangerous experience it can be. It can happen without warning, making your vehicle impossible to handle and putting you and your passengers in extreme danger. Slow punctures are a major cause of blowouts and are usually very difficult to detect. Installing PunctureSafe in your tyres helps to ensure that you will not be placed in a potentially life threatening situation. A puncture is not only costly and inconvenient, but also dangerous. PunctureSafe prevents punctures by sealing them immediately as they happen, and creates a permanent seal for the legal lifetime of the tyre.



Steve Hughes - Newcastle Evening Chronicle


"Unsuspecting North East motorists are being warned of a hidden danger that could cost them thousands of pounds in repair bills. It is a potential pitfall for owners of four-wheel-drive vehicles, of whom there are more in this region than anywhere else in Britain.


The problem concerns the simple misfortune of getting a puncture, which affects tens of thousands of drivers in the region every year. If the partly-worn tyre is then replaced with a new one, the entire transmission system can be wrecked as a result, which could cost an incredible £5000 to repair. In the case of older vehicles, which are most at risk, the repairs could be more than the vehicle is actually worth. In extreme instances this means that a vehicle could become a financial write-off, simply because of a puncture.


This has come to light following a number of cases in which the common cause of mega-expensive transmission failures has been the recent replacement of a single tyre. Unless all four are replaced at the same time, there is a slight difference in their respective tread depths. Even though the difference in tread depth between a single new tyre and the other three is only a few millimetres, it means there is a critical difference between the diameters of the wheels, causing them to turn at fractionally-different speeds. This immediately puts a strain on all rotating parts in the transmission system, which can be even more pronounced when cornering. Eventually the system shatters and the vehicle grinds to a noisy halt.


In one instance the driver of a Volvo V70 R AWD automatic faced a £3,400 bill after his vehicle's transmission system shattered in this way. Volvo admitted there was no specific mention of the potential problem in the vehicle's handbook, and has agreed to pay two-thirds of the bill.


Now manufacturers plan to warn users of the hazard in the handbooks of all new 4WD vehicles.


The problem affects not only traditional 4WD off-road vehicles, but four-wheel-drive versions of conventional cars too, such as the Volvo estate.

The advantage of 4WD vehicles is that they give extra grip, which makes them especially suited to rural areas, and those prone to rain, snow and ice.

Sales of such vehicles have soared in recent years, and official figures show ownership is seven per cent higher in the North East than the national average"


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Puncturesafe UK Wire Motorbike imageBecause we understand all the problems a puncture can cause for a motorcyclist and the difficulties encountered whilst trying to change a wheel at the side of the road, the motorcycle sector is one of our busiest and fastest growing markets.  PunctureSafe provides the answers to a motorcycle puncture, as apart from sealing all punctures caused by objects up to 6mm in diameter, in the event of a larger area of damage PunctureSafe will provide protection from rapid deflation by giving a controlled deflation - possibly allowing the rider to get the motorcycle home, or away from a dangerous location.


Owing to greatly improved heat transfer from the inner tread area to the wheel, because of better inner tyre coverage of PunctureSafe, the life of the tyre will be extended, probably one of the reasons tyre manufacturers do not recommend its use!  PunctureSafe has the ability to virtually eliminate tyre pressure loss - even during long term storage.  Most importantly, PunctureSafe does not repair a puncture in a tyre, it “seals” the puncture, which means that unlike the conventional patch, the tyre cannot fail owing to excessive heat! in fact heat is very beneficial to the PunctureSafe seal.


Some of the following comments and technical content are from an article published in the National BMW Motorcycle Club magazine by its technical officer Mike Fishwick, and is reproduced here with his permission.


" After a puncture on a motorcycle, temporary repair sealants, such as the various aerosol packaged products are a quick way to become mobile again, but can only be used after coming to a stop.  They are not suitable for prolonged use, and because they are solvent based, attach themselves tenaciously to the inside of the tyre casing, in most cases their composition is such that tyre specialists will refuse to repair a tyre which has been internally coated with these get you home products.

In the case of ultra-low profile tyres such as Z rated types found on many modern motorcycles a flat tyre could be a very expensive experience.  The fitting of a vulcanised plug is not always possible if the puncture is close to the sidewall, and a limit of one repair per tyre is usually enforced.  Many specialists will not even attempt to repair these tyres.  Even a gentle stop from speed can cause severe damage to the sidewalls, not to mention the wheel rims.  Even without a puncture it is possible to experience a rapid deflation if the motorcycle is run over a rock.
Assuming that one manages to stop without injury or damage, there is the nightmare of recovery - often with additional delay because a motorcycle is involved, at horrendous cost. The recovery operation may itself cause damage to a motorcycle if it is badly secured to the spectacle type frame designed to support the front wheels of a car, and may only take you to the nearest garage or service area.  It may then be found that the sidewalls and perhaps also the rims are damaged.  Then there is the problem of finding a tyre specialist who will repair or change a tyre, not to mention the delay in obtaining a motorcycle tyre of the required size and type, particularly on a weekend.
 Then comes the cost of the tyre itself, labour charges for fitting it, and also to remove and replace the rear wheel - Honda Goldwing owners weep at the thought of this.  There is also the general hassle of being a motorcyclist in a system designed for car drivers.  This can be expressed in terms of further damage to the rims, lack of dynamic balancing, and general bodging by those who are unused to the more specialised and delicate requirements of a motorcycle.  A simple puncture could cost a motorcyclist a full day and from two to several hundred pounds.  When one adds up the total cost of a simple puncture it can be a major problem."


Caravans, Horse Boxes and Trailers


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PunctureSafe Guarantee


Puncturesafe UK Harley Motorcycle imagePunctureSafe High Speed Grade is guaranteed to stop porosity leaks, air migration and punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter within the tyre tread area for the legal lifetime of the tyre providing there is rubber recovery and the integrity and structure of the tyre has not been compromised. If the tyre casing is damaged or weakened to a point of being unsafe, the PunctureSafe formulation has been designed to slowly bleed (giving a controlled deflation) regardless of how small the damage may be.










Medium Speed

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Heavy Duty Grade, Coloured Magenta - Rated up to speeds of 90 mph. Suitable for heavy goods vehicles, mining trucks, coaches and buses. Seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 15mm in diameter, but in the event that the puncturing object has caused excessive tyre damage PunctureSafe will obstruct escaping air causing the tyre to deflate slow and controlled allowing the driver to remove the vehicle from a potentially dangerous location. Reduces costly downtime for fleet operators.


PunctureSafe Heavy Duty Grade has been developed after extensive testing in response to the ever increasing demands of vehicle operators for a reliable and effective product, capable of preventing tyre deflation in the harshest of environments including: land-fill sites, quarries, scrap metal yards and recycling centres, providing the ride of a pneumatic tyre with the benefits of a solid fill tyre, controlling punctures and preventing blow-outs.


The most advanced and effective puncture control system available today that actually works. Latest technology water based, water soluble, non-toxic, non-hazardous, that does not contaminate the tyres, therefore allowing major repairs or re-treading to be carried out.


PunctureSafe has set the benchmark for puncture control systems, where the continuous requirements of high performance tyre protection have been exceeded. PunctureSafe Heavy Duty Grade came into production, based on our desire to gain a foothold in the HGV market, by introducing a product which resolved all of the previous failings, and which could demonstrate its excellence across a broad spectrum of commercial, military, construction, and the mining markets, at a price which is readily accepted by all.


At PunctureSafe, we specialise in supplying products to combat tyre problems, and for some commercial customers, huge savings are achievable on punctures, early tyre replacement, fuel bills and downtime.


PunctureSafe is the Rolls Royce of tyre protection products for road, motorway and off road going HGVs. After many years of research and development we have developed an extremely durable product for the special needs of the fleet operator.


Low Speed

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Extra Heavy Duty Grade, Coloured Emerald Green - Rated up to speeds of 50 mph. Suitable for agricultural and construction vehicles, heavy plant and machinery, quad bikes ride on lawnmowers and golf buggies etc. Seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 10mm in diameter in small vehicles such as ride on mowers, 20mm in medium sized tyres normally found on farm tractors and trailers and can be 30mm on the very large tyres but these three measurements only apply if the tyres have good depth of tread, so without that it could be less depending on the state of the tyre which in some environments can be chronic. Reduces costly downtime for fleet operators.


Very high quality, manufactured using the same principles chemistry applied in our unique High Speed Grade with the exception of the chemistry required to give a speed rating of 150 mph in order to achieve a very competitive trade prices.



Like all our grades it is highly concentrated which means you get a more effective and permanent seal than is usual with the sealants supplied to this market. This grade is a very high solids polymer gel with a special blend of heavy fibre, soft and hard rubber that dries without any shrinkage to a flexible rubbery plug in the puncture which is the reason that once it has sealed it does not fail at a later date, unlike other products with a high water content that are designed to seal for a very short period of time until a repair can be carried out at the end of the day for the vehicle or machine


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Our Very Recent Development


Extra Extra Heavy Duty Grade packaged in 20 litre containers only, due to the fact it can only be dispensed using our powerful calibrated hand pumps. Our recent development after many years of R&D because of the many requests from the industry for a highly concentrated super strength product for machines and vehicles working in extreme hazardous locations where punctures are very severe. Originaly developed for the deep mining industry in Africa, and the military. This XXHD grade is working incredibly well with vehicles working over ground that is littered with debris such as glass, flint, scrap metal etc. It is working so well that fleet vehicle owners who have never had a solution to their puncture problem and who try it, re-order this grade in volume over and over again within short periods of time.




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Cycle Grade, Coloured Orange - Suitable for all types of cycles with Schrader valves. It is not possible to apply PunctureSafe through the narrow Presta valves. Seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 3mm in diameter.


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Say Cheese Guys



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Easy Peasy Installation



Quality Grades suitable for every conceivable application.


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